What is Positive Prayer?

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Prayer is our connection with the God of our understanding, and it is a process that is constantly going on. The Bible refers to "the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart" as prayer and reminds us to be mindful of what those words and meditations are. When we realize that every word from our mouth and every thought that we hold and focus on in our mind is a prayer, we become very careful about what they are.

Positive prayer, also called affirmative prayer, is a deliberate method of prayer that is designed to align us in consciousness with God. Prayer is not about changing God or begging for favors, because God already wants to give us the desires of our heart. As Jesus said, "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." The only thing between us and our good is us! The only one to be changed by prayer is us.

Positive and affirmative prayer begins with understanding the Truth about ourselves and the Truth about God. I know that God is the only Power in the Universe, that God is Love and that God is everywhere present, no matter how distressing the circumstances may appear. I know that God's will for you and for me is always for our highest and best good. That means health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. I also know the Truth about you, that you are beloved of God, that you are not broken, defective or condemned, and that you are a child of God with all the rights and privileges that go with that status. Affirmative prayer simply affirms, or states in a positive manner, these Truths as they apply to your situation. As you come into conscious alignment with these Truths your circumstances will follow.

Positive prayer reminds us that there is nothing that separates us from God. We use these affirmative, positive statements to state the conditions we desire, and we also use negative, denial statements to negate the appearance of anything that is not true that may be showing up in our lives. We are one with the One Power, and as we spend time in prayer and meditation we build a relationship with God, and we learn to trust this relationship. An easy way to remember the difference between prayer and meditation is that prayer is when we talk, and meditation is when we listen.

What Does Positive Prayer Ministry Do?

You may ask, "Why do I need to be in contact then with a ministry of prayer such as Positive Prayer, if I can do my own praying?" You are absolutely correct that you can do your own praying, and we certainly recommend that you do, because prayer is an essential part of building a relationship with God. Being in contact with an affirmative prayer ministry, such as Positive Prayer, gives you a support system of others who are willing to pray with you in confidence, and support you in believing that that your highest and best good is on its way, no matter what your particular situation or circumstance might be. Sometimes, what happens is that we just don't know what to pray or we might even feel separated from God, and we need someone else to help us remember the Truth. Jesus said, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." You can think of us here as your prayer partners.

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The Light of God surrounds you,
The Love of God enfolds you,
The Power of God protects you,
and the Presence of God watches over you,
Wherever you are, God is, and all is well!

Rev Sandra Hopper

Rev Sandra Hopper

The Power of Positive Prayer

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